1. Do you have a showroom?

Yes. We have many pieces of furniture on display for you to see and touch in the showroom in our shop. Please come by for a look. Everyone’s welcome.

2. Is your Furniture made with solid wood or veneers?

All Kitchen & Dining Tables, Coffee, End & Sofa Tables including parts like skirts and table bases are made with 100% Solid Woods, not veneers.
For the most part all Dining Room cabinets like Sideboards, Buffet/Hutches and Bedroom Dressers, chests and drawer boxes for example are made with solid wood. We do however give the client the option of either solid wood or veneer plywood for the backs of cabinets and drawer bottoms. You can trust that if we say an item is made with solid wood it is.

3. Do you make custom made chairs?

Yes we do. We do make chairs for many of our own custom designed tables. However we do not make copies of chairs that are or were commonly sold in Furniture Stores. We also bring in very good quality Canadian made chairs which are the same chairs that are sold in many high end Furniture stores. We sell these chairs for much less than suggested retail.  We bring these chairs in unfinished and fine sand and stain and lacquer them to match our tables or whatever colour you like.  

4. Can I order furniture in a custom colour, size or wood species?

Yes. Every piece of furniture we make is fully customizable including design features, size, wood species and colour, because we make it right here in our shop on Highway 14 Saskatoon. Just ask!

5. Can you make a custom furniture based on a picture I send you?

Yes. However we have strict standards on quality and the materials we use and will not make a piece that we feel does not live up to those standards. Also we will not copy a company or individuals one of a kind design. 

6. Do you have any furniture that is already made and ready to sell? 

Sometimes we do. If you check our sale items category on the website, these items are available for sale right away. But for the most part we have many furniture pieces on display for you to see and feel in our showroom and we take orders and custom build furniture based on your specifications.

7. Do your Kitchen and Dining tables expand with leaves?

Yes. You can order any Kitchen or Dining Table to expand with leaves that either fit in the middle or on the ends of the table.

8. How is your furniture finished?

On all the furniture we make we first either stain or oil the piece and then spray on several coats of clear Lacquer.  This assures that the furniture is easy to clean with a damp cloth and liquid soap. Also by sealing the furniture on top and underneath as well as keeping your room properly humidified, it lessens the expansion and contraction of the solid wood which will help to protect it from warping and cracking.

9. Do you repair and refinish furniture?

Yes and No. We will repair furniture that we have made or sold in the past. We will refinish table tops that we have made but do not refinish table bases or chairs as we are not setup to do so. 

We do not repair or refinish furniture that is made by another manufacturer or sold by another Furniture store.

10. What is the proper Humidity level for solid wood Furniture?

We recommend you keep the humidity in your home between 40 and 60 percent. We suggest using a
Humidifier in the Winter months and a dehumidifier or an air conditioner in the Summer. Damage to solid wood furniture is more likely to occur especially when the humidity in your home is very low or if the furniture is made or stored in a humid climate and then subjected to a dry environment.
Humidity gauges (Hygrometers) to monitor the humidity in your house are available at many hardware and department stores for a relatively low cost.

11. Why do you not show prices on the website?

The reason we do not show prices on our website is because as a custom maker the prices will vary based on the options you choose. Options like size and wood species will affect the prices as well as special options like Inlays. If you come to our Showroom we will be happy to provide you with an exact price once we know all the specifications. 

12. How do I place an order?

You can give us a call or send us an email or better yet drop in and see us in the shop/showroom.

13. Do you require a deposit? 

Yes we do. We generally ask for 33% of the total cost of the item as a deposit. This will go towards buying the materials needed to construct your furniture and also it will hold your spot in line. We will sometimes ask for a 50% deposit if the materials for your item is more expensive. If you want to place an order several weeks or months before you need your furniture to be ready, a 10% deposit will hold the price you were quoted until it’s closer to the time your furniture will be ready. We will require the remaining deposit 4 to 6 weeks before your furniture is complete. If you want your furniture shipped to you when it’s complete we will require full payment before the item is shipped.

14. How long does it take to complete a piece of custom furniture?

It depends. It can take as little as two weeks or it can take up to several weeks. It depends on how many orders we have and also on the complexity of your project. We will give you an estimated time of completion when you place your order. Or just ask us for an estimated time of completion before you order.

15. Do you ship to other provinces besides Saskatchewan or to other Countries?

Yes we do. We will ship anywhere in the world and can provide you with shipping costs before you place your order.

16. Do you have a warranty on your Furniture?

Yes we do.

Our Lifetime warranty on Furniture we make.

If any problems arise during normal use, to a piece of furniture we make(does not include problems that may occur with inadequate humidity, misuse or wear) in the lifetime of the original owner, due to manufacturing or material defects, the item will be promptly repaired or replaced.

Our 3 year warranty on the factory made chairs we sell.

If any problems arise during normal use, to a piece of furniture that we sell but do not make(does not include problems that may occur with inadequate humidity, misuse or wear) in the 3 year period after the sale date, to the original owner, due to manufacturing or material defects, the item will be promptly repaired or replaced.

17. What happens if I don’t like the furniture when it's complete?

We have made and sold thousands of pieces of furniture and this has never happened. But if you didn’t like a custom made item for any reason you are not required to take it. We would however try to correct any issues you had with the piece until you are 100% happy with your purchase. Deposits on Custom made furniture pieces are nonrefundable.