Rustic done right!

Rustic Wood Table

Rustic wood furniture is popular these days and when a style becomes popular, builders come out of the woodwork to capitalize on that popularity. Which can be great for the consumer as the more builders the more competition the less the cost... right!  Well for price maybe but not always for quality.

Be careful of any rustic furniture products made overseas as solid wood boards from some countries may not be dried properly or even could be just that the furniture is made in a wet climate. Then when the furniture is shipped here it may warp, twist and crack in our dry climate. 

For example a Rustic solid wood table can twist enough to lift a corner of the table, leg and all off the floor an inch or more and there is no way to reverse a twisted slab; or to dry out and crack severely. So why not just buy from a company or an individual here in North America then right. Well not every builder here in North America or even locally here in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan use properly dried wood. Some will use dimensional lumber like 2 x 4’s and 2  x 6’s for example which are not dried properly for indoor furniture. Some builders will use wet (not dried in a kiln) or air dried live edge boards which may be a nightmare for the consumer and may make your beautiful Rustic Table potentially unusable as a dining table. 

Kiln Dried Wood for Indoor use

All of the boards we use in the construction of our Rustic Furniture including Live Edge boards are Kiln dried to between 6 - 8%. This way you are assured that your Rustic Kitchen/ Dining Table, Coffee Table or other Rustic Wood Furniture pieces will be made to last for many generations to come. We guarantee it.

Spray on Lacquer Finish

All Furniture including Rustic Furniture must have a proper Lacquer finish that not only makes cleanup easy but also protects the Wood from water damage and insufficient humidity. If you see Rustic Furniture for sale in a furniture store that looks rough on the surface or like there is very little or no finish on it, we recommend to keep looking as improper finishing will not protect your wood surface from water damage and the effects of low humidity. A large Rustic Table for example may dry out, shrink and crack if not properly finished.

All of the Furniture we make is sealed top and bottom with a stain or penetrating oil and then top coated several times with a spray on catalyzed clear Lacquer. This ensures furniture pieces are protected from water damage and changes in humidity, which is especially important in our dry winter climate.  

Tell us how rustic you want it.

The Prairie Homestead Table

Do you want your Rustic Wood Furniture to have knots or a plank style top or a Live Edge style top?
Do you want your Rustic Table to have saw marks or distressing? 
Do you want a specific wood species like Maple or Walnut, Cherry, Oak or Hickory?
Do you want your Rustic Furniture a specific colour?
Just tell us what you want and we will custom make your Rustic furniture just the way you want it. 

Come on by for a look.

We have many pieces of Rustic Furniture on display in our showroom. Everyone is welcome.