Traditional Furniture if made properly will always be in style.

After all quality workmanship will never go out of style. Many of the classic pieces made in the the golden age of furniture design can not be improved upon or even duplicated with today's machinery and technology. Handmade Traditional furniture is and always will be better made and designed then the mass produced machine made furniture we see in Saskatoon furniture stores today.  

We construct Traditional furniture using many of the same joinery and construction techniques that were used by woodworkers for hundreds of years. These include hand made Queen Anne Legs, lathe turned Legs and Pedestals, fancy custom made mouldings and inlays. Also steam bent parts for chairs and skirts for tables. Also mortise and tenon and through mortise and tenon joinery. Construction features like sliding dovetail cross rails on our bedroom dressers and chests for example. And through Dovetail carcase construction as well as half blind dovetail construction on drawer boxes. Take a look at what we have on the website or in our showroom and if you don’t see exactly what you want, contact us about custom making a piece for you.