Neptune River Table with leaves

Neptune River Table with leaves


A Black Walnut expanding River top on the new “Neptune” base.

Also available with a solid top in many sizes and shapes.

The biggest problem with Live Edge and River Tables is?

They do not expand with leaves. Right.
Well ours do!

Live Edge and River tables are beautiful! They have the most attractive naturally occurring figure and character as compared to straight cut lumber. The problem is most people do not need or have room for a massive table for every day use. It sure would be convenient if these tables expanded for those special occasions. Ours do.

We have made hundreds of solid wood dining tables since we opened in 1991 and the vast majority (over 90%) have been expanding tables. Including Live Edge and River Tables. If you are looking for a beautiful dining table that will last generations, please come by our showroom for  all the options and pricing.

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